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We established our towing company, Xpress Towing Service Inc, in 2022 and have been in demand ever since – helping people get back on track! We’re reliable and have the experience you want to see when dealing with an issue deterring you from your plans. If you get stuck on some car issue in and around the Philadelphia, PA area and want to move on quickly and have quality services delivered right to you – call, and we’ll be right there!

Towing Service

Towing Service

Quality is What We Offer

Finding a towing service in town with experts that efficiently help you in various situations can be challenging. You can skim our services and see what we offer a team of professionals. Then you can save our number in your speed dial so you always have experts to turn to when in need. Don’t let your car dictate your schedule. Don’t let its whims take you adrift from your original timeline and make you late, angry, or even frustrated. Allow us to offer quick and quality assistance wherever you are!

We’ll Be Here For You 

Our job is to offer towing – but not just any – the perfect kind! And what does that entail? That entails us being there for you whenever you need assistance on the road! Cars are reliable, sure – they get us from point A to point B, but they can be unreliable. They could break down. You can’t prepare for that. But we are! We’ve always been because we value people’s needs. We have everything we need to get you back on track!

Call Xpress Towing Service Inc at (267) 525-6383 and request our spectacular, on-time towing service! Whenever you need us, dial our number and tell us what kind of trouble your vehicle has gotten you into and where you are in and around the Philadelphia, PA area! Our team will take whatever is necessary, get in the specialized trucks, and start the engines! They’ll come to rescue you and get you right back on track with each and in a timely fashion! That’s the kind of service you need when you’re in a pickle!


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