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All your towing needs in one call

With Xpress Towing Service Inc, you can expect to receive our very effective, timely, and affordable car towing! Don’t worry if your car has decided to leave you stranded somewhere, and you’re losing precious time. We won’t let you lose any more than you already have and save you more headaches! If you’re in and around the Philadelphia, PA area and need reliable service providers to be by your side – that’s us, and we’ll be glad to lend a helpful hand!

Our Services

Towing Services

Towing Services

We went into the business of towing because we don't want customers to feel they have no way of preventing issues they can't get out of on their own! We'll be quick like the wind and get your car wherever you need us to! 
Medium-Duty Towing

Medium-Duty Towing

Medium duty towing means you need a more specialized vehicle to do the work, and we can offer that. We don't mind if your ride is slightly larger than usual - we'll get it towed and take it to whatever location you require!
Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery

Did you think you would have enough fuel, but your calculations came up short? It happens to everyone. Sometimes the gas runs out when we need it most. That's why it's important to have our number - we can bring you more fuel when you're in trouble!


Have you ever jumped out of the car to get to the store and realized your keys were still inside? And that happened after you closed all the doors? It can happen any time, any place, but luckily we have the tools to get you right back in! 
Battery Replacements

Battery Replacements

Are you ready to replace the battery failing to start the engine? You can contact us and ask what we can do for you! We offer quality battery replacement - quality in the bag, and your car will be good as new!


A jumpstart from professionals of our caliber is what you need if you are stuck in the parking lot and need help on the spot. Don't use a mediocre service provider - trust us so your car can start back up and you can get moving quickly! 

Get Back on Schedule

Getting back on schedule might be crucial to your day – you might not be able to afford more time than you’ve already lost. But your car doesn’t have feelings – it’s an inanimate object, so it doesn’t care much about your day plans or where you’re going. If your car has decided to stop, it will, and your arrangements won’t change. And if you’re locked out, need more fuel, or a quick jumpstart – you don’t want to be stuck waiting forever. Call a reliable towing service provider and save yourself time and money!

We’ll Make Up the Time

You’ve lost time already because of your car stopping in the middle of nowhere. You don’t have enough fuel to reach your destination or seem to have locked yourself out. Is your vehicle medium-sized and can’t be moved along just by any old car? We will help with every detail, and don’t say no to larger vehicles! We’ll be there to get you your fuel or get you back inside the car. We’ll tow you to wherever you tell us, and we won’t waste more time!

More Areas We Serve

Of course, we spread our business to reach more areas! We offer help on the road and deliver services that can’t be confined to one location. People everywhere run into trouble at inopportune moments and need quick and quality relief. That’s what we can offer – we’re qualified in there of expertise and specialized at everything we do. That’s why we wanted to reach a larger area and be the trustworthy on-the-road service providers people can turn to when they need to get back on track! 

  • Feasterville, PA
  • Willow Grove, PA
  • Upper Moreland Township, PA
  • Hatboro Borough, PA
  • Lower Southampton Township, PA
  • Huntingdon Valley, PA

Call Xpress Towing Service Inc and take advantage of the timely services our auto towing company offers! If you live in and around the Philadelphia, PA area and are an avid driver – you know all too well that your car can stop working at some point, or you can lock yourself out or run out of fuel at the worst of times. That means you will need hasty assistance from experts! That means you need to call us when you run into trouble so we can rush to the rescue and do what we need to get you moving!

Client Testimonials

What they`re Saying About Xpress Towing Service Inc`s Work

by Jason Lowells on Xpress Towing Service Inc
Reliable and Affordable Car Towing!

Very dependable yet affordable car towing! I was impressed with the speed these guys offered when I needed it most! My car is old and decided to die out on me at the most inopportune time - it was horrible! I was in a hurry and didn't know what to do. But I called these guys, and they towed my car away quickly!

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